Tuesday, June 06, 2006

decisions, decisions

so these are the refrigerators that match our appliances.

julie gave me the contact info of the company that is selling the appliances to agave, and apparently if we buy our fridge (one of these) from them we will get the builder's price... sounds good to us!


Anonymous Kathryn said...

FYI- I called the builder appliance sales company & it turns out that the prices are not much lower than what you can get @ Home Depot or Lowes, plus you can finance with them.

The side by side with the ice/water dispencer is $1685 with the builder appliance guys, but it is only $1699 @ Home Depot. If you have a Sears acct, they will match & take 10% of the difference, plus zero interest for 12 months!

I hope that this helps with your decision.

5400 Sendero Hills Pkwy

8:43 PM  

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