Tuesday, October 10, 2006

paint a rumor

so... long time no see!
well - not much has been happening,
at least, not alot to take pictures of.

we have a new closing date
december 6
we have electrical and cable.
we have all our windows.
we have FINALLY figured out paint colors.

this is our stucco

this is our hardi

this is our accent color (soffit/railings)

and here is a quick rendering of what we think it will look like...

(don't look to closely - i did it at work so it's sub-par...)

we are much happier with the grays as it seems the
previous colors we had choosen were very popular
with our neighbors.

lot's o'yella!

anyway, notice the darker color for the storage unit?
that is what we are going to do once we move in.


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