Monday, February 05, 2007

new coat of paint

let's recap:

in the past week we have ...

got texture
got trimmed
got cabineted
got paint

whew - busy week!

since i am blogging from work and have no pictures to upload (although trust me - there are A LOT of pictures...) here are some other things to keep you interested.

here is a picture of the dining room table we have choosen...

yes that's right - 104" long with the leaf!

and the chairs...

for the head of the table:

and the sides:

and the barstools we are trying to decide on...

those of you who had art class in college, remember these?

and the snazzy version with a back:

for those of you that know, the bedside table lamp saga has ended. we purchased an un-matching matching pair this weekend. i'll try to post pictures of those, but you'll probably just have to wait until they are in the house!

internet news:
still none.

i will try to bring some photos to work on my jump drive and post soon!

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