Tuesday, December 12, 2006

adel verpflichtet!

not much going on - just waiting for the framers/electricians to come in and make the adjustments needed -

• frame out linen closet (yeah!)
• frame divider wall in downstairs bathroom
• re-plumb half-wall in kitchen
• re-plumb all windows (sills can be so tricky...)
• fur out the closets so the doors will fit correctly
• align light switches/outlets in kitchen and master
• install light switch in storage unit

in the meantime, we have picked new cabinets, floors and bathroom countertops.
feast your eyes...

the uppers will be frosted glass with stainless frames.

the lowers are mostly going to be drawers in the kitchen, but regular cabinets in the bathrooms.

a kitchen from IKEA - our uppers will be different, and our appliances are stainless...

this is the color we chose for the kitchen counters

and this is the bathroom counter color

and to top it all off (or to bottom it whatever) we changed the bamboo from the darker to the lighter.

we noticed that in the houses with the darker, the variations in the color were more pronounced, and you guys know we like it clean.


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