Tuesday, November 21, 2006

build this house

ok so we met with our new builder on friday -
he's great!
one of those guys you know has been building houses since before we were out of caves.

he noticed some stuff (even stuff we, with our ever watchful eyes, missed) and is going to fix it.
he asked our opinion (i know - crazy!) and listened to our concerns.

we like him.

so, after we met with him for ... oh ... 3 or so hours we left our house in good hands. then we went out the next day to walk around and take it all in when BAM! it hit us.

a linen closet.

we currently don't have one - anywhere.

so... behold our NEW and IMPROVED idea for our house...

(click for larger image)

see, our downstairs guest/baby room has a massive closet. "what's a little off the top?" i said. so my crafty husband figured out how to make it so.

now we await the builders answer - "yes we can do it now" or "no way josé, you'll have to do it after you close" (in which case we will!)


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