Wednesday, February 28, 2007

battery operated love

so - you know me - always trying to keep you, john q. public, in the KNOW.
well -
KNOW this -
we have counters, floors and are close to tile.
today at lunch, some roughneck was man-handling my stair treads.

of course, i have no proof of this as the battery on my camera was DEAD.
seems my fabulous new camera doesn't quite fit into my old camera bag.
the bag likes to turn the camera's switches...
push it's buttons (if you will)


here's my interpretation of 5353 agatha today at lunch:

me in front of my kitchen, complete with cabinets, counters and floors.

me in front of my master tub - with cement board installed just itchin' for tile.

roughneck moving my stair treads from the driveway area to the garage area.

you want proof?
you can handle the proof!


Anonymous peggy said...

this is hilarious!!!!

2:14 PM  

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