Tuesday, February 27, 2007

walk with me

picture heavy post -

well, pictures of the floors in progress, the almost finished cabinets, and a tour of the neighborhood...

buckle your seatbelts...

floors delivered....

zack likes the floors -

favorite cabinet #1

favorite cabinet #2 (open)



where all the magic happens...

quick visual aid

no more wet groceries!

biminey blue - we love you!

stair treads delivered

neighborhood walk - february 25, 2007

top of the hill - looking south

they seem to be putting these plants all the way around agave - nice!

looking north

across the street

in the cul-de-sac looking at robert's property...
see our house!

woohoo! heather is closed!

that awning sure does look nice...

this is what our house numbers will look like
(uh - times two)

full circle at the whatley's

thanks for coming on this walk with us - we can't wait for you to do it in person!


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Looks good!

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