Thursday, August 31, 2006

sweet thursday

got our frame tour date...
looks like next thursday, the 7th.

oh yeah.

oh - and an updated closing date...

wait for it...


seems a bit weird since that's a sunday
but whatever.

i swear photos will be posted tonight.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

(what's your) angle?

good news!
they have framed in our angled wall!
very cool.

photos to come, until then,
take a gander at the couch we've picked out for upstairs -

it's muy beutiful
this is the actual color we've (kind of) choosen

and this coffee table?

it's so lovely.

check back for house photos...


Saturday, August 26, 2006

window shopper

we got our windows!

this is the tree just off our property line that we want terribly!

sorry for the crappy pics... i took them with my phone (which is crappy too btw)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

heart string

so we are getting our stairs!
or some parts of them anyway...

take a look at the new design for the interior/exterior railings...

the house as of yesterday...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

all the cats join in

Just wanted to let any agave-ites know that there is
a yahoo forum for those of us who have bought agave,
and to join you can email


fiddle patch

so we went out last night -
they have patched our front window and it looks FABULOUS!

we are very pleased.

nothing else to report,
as we are waiting on windows
so they can stucco,
and then they can paint,
and then drywall,
and then we move in!

so close.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the options we have been thinking of for our windows.

We want to put UV film on all the windows, and we think this guy can help us.
"Vista® window film is a high-performance line of window film products widely recommended by the design community. Their appearance and high level of optical clarity make them popular for use in residential and commercial buildings. Vista has the highest level of ultraviolet rejection (both UVA and UVB) available with 99.9%.. In addition, Vista cuts glare and reduces excessive heat gain. Professionally installed, Vista films come with a lifetime warranty for residential and a ten year warranty for commercial applications."
Apparently, it's virtually transparent, with not a lot of tint to it, so it should be nice.

We also want to do interior shades as well, since that evening sun can be a knife in the eye...

One of our neighbors found this place and we think it's got what we need. We don't want motorized, because really - we just don't need it. But the shades are professional quality, and if we get the white, will blend nicely with the walls when down.

Monday, August 07, 2006

broken household appliance national forest

a while ago i posted about our fabulous appliances that are included with our house.
as you can see, it is only the stove, hood, microwave and dishwasher...

well - we have decided on the fridge and the washer/dryer.
seriously, i never knew that it would be so difficult to decide
but oh so fun!

after months of deliberation,
and with the help of Jim from Home Depot on I35,
we decided on the Maytag® Neptune® Front-Load (front controls) for the washer and dryer,

and the Maytag® 25 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator.

you know, i must say that i am really excited about the neptune thing. my aunt carol has the neptune front loaders (top controls) and she constantly raves on them. that's good enough for me - as trust me, my family has a thing for laundry, and they know.
and, since they (the machines) are the new frontloaders with clear doors,
i'll get to watch my laundry - oh the bliss!

what's really great though, is that austin energy gives a $100 rebate to the purchaser of HE front-loading washers,
AND maytag is offering a $100 rebate (until Sept. 18) on their HE front-loading washers...
hmmm $200 off?
we'll take it!

as for the fridge - we just really like the simplicity of a simple top/bottom. the french doors are nice - but i know i would never be able to train zack to open more than just the right hand door! :)

oh - and it's official - family thanksgiving is to be held at our house.
guess i should start cooking!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

paint me on velvet

sorry for the delay in getting pictures up -
work has been taking all my waking hours as of late.
let's see...
we got our roof -

ok i have been trying to upload pictures for 30 minutes...
blogger hates the honeypumpkin today. will try again later


ok let's try this again!

so we got our roof-

and they finished stucco -

and we got painted!

very exciting.
our neighbor Heather has already scheduled a time on her closing date...
since we are three days after her i imagine we will soon be scheduling ours!

stay tuned...