Wednesday, February 28, 2007

battery operated love

so - you know me - always trying to keep you, john q. public, in the KNOW.
well -
KNOW this -
we have counters, floors and are close to tile.
today at lunch, some roughneck was man-handling my stair treads.

of course, i have no proof of this as the battery on my camera was DEAD.
seems my fabulous new camera doesn't quite fit into my old camera bag.
the bag likes to turn the camera's switches...
push it's buttons (if you will)


here's my interpretation of 5353 agatha today at lunch:

me in front of my kitchen, complete with cabinets, counters and floors.

me in front of my master tub - with cement board installed just itchin' for tile.

roughneck moving my stair treads from the driveway area to the garage area.

you want proof?
you can handle the proof!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

walk with me

picture heavy post -

well, pictures of the floors in progress, the almost finished cabinets, and a tour of the neighborhood...

buckle your seatbelts...

floors delivered....

zack likes the floors -

favorite cabinet #1

favorite cabinet #2 (open)



where all the magic happens...

quick visual aid

no more wet groceries!

biminey blue - we love you!

stair treads delivered

neighborhood walk - february 25, 2007

top of the hill - looking south

they seem to be putting these plants all the way around agave - nice!

looking north

across the street

in the cul-de-sac looking at robert's property...
see our house!

woohoo! heather is closed!

that awning sure does look nice...

this is what our house numbers will look like
(uh - times two)

full circle at the whatley's

thanks for coming on this walk with us - we can't wait for you to do it in person!

Friday, February 23, 2007



where to start?

our closing date has moved
(stop - the collective *gasp* is killing me)

it is now March 29
(notice i capitalized March - i think this could be it this time! i don't want to test the gods of capitalizing months in text to jinx me or whatever...)

also, we are getting our floors -
or as you read - whatever

they are beautiful
seriously folks - i felt a tear when i saw them.

here's a pic from some bamoo place online of our EXACT floor - color, width, etcetera...

and a pic of what it will look like with furniture (not ours of course... like we could have wicker? with the crazy cat?)

i have pictures of our FABULOUS cabinets - and of our floors being installed... i'll upload them soon!

Monday, February 05, 2007

new coat of paint

let's recap:

in the past week we have ...

got texture
got trimmed
got cabineted
got paint

whew - busy week!

since i am blogging from work and have no pictures to upload (although trust me - there are A LOT of pictures...) here are some other things to keep you interested.

here is a picture of the dining room table we have choosen...

yes that's right - 104" long with the leaf!

and the chairs...

for the head of the table:

and the sides:

and the barstools we are trying to decide on...

those of you who had art class in college, remember these?

and the snazzy version with a back:

for those of you that know, the bedside table lamp saga has ended. we purchased an un-matching matching pair this weekend. i'll try to post pictures of those, but you'll probably just have to wait until they are in the house!

internet news:
still none.

i will try to bring some photos to work on my jump drive and post soon!

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