Thursday, May 22, 2008

catching up is hard to do

ok - so on to what we have done with the house ...
this is the house as we unpacked... as we had planned it for 19 months.

half bath
master bedroom chair

guest room

these pictures were taken on august 14th, 10 days after move in.
needless to say - many - M A N Y - things have changed.
more next time.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

better late then never?

ok where to start -

As of August 3, 2007 this piece of Agave heaven is ours.
(or the bank's, which we make payments to, so it can someday be ours... but you know what i mean...)

We have done a lot to the house since we have moved in and I have taken pictures of all of it so look to the next month for regular updates.

I'll start with a quick one - we are currently building a baby (6 weeks to go!) and the construction has been going as planned.

OK - pictures will be in order from the oldest to current - starting with CLOSING DAY!
(you didn't think i would make you look at pictures of a house STILL under construction did you?)

Here's the thing - we went to the house at 9 am closing day as there were no front retaining walls, no front steps, no front fences and no landscaping/sod.
so, these pictures show exactly what Agave CAN do in a day - not that it will happen ever again, but it did this day - I HAVE PROOF.

yeah - we were getting kicked out of our apartment, so our pods were actually delivered BEFORE we even closed.

our fridge was moved upstairs to it's designated spot

dad and stepmom were on scene to supervise the pod delivery and be generally amazed at all the work done in 8 hours

well deserved, and much needed beer with the builders (neither of whom are with Agave anymore - which is a shame because if it wasn't for Joe and Billy - we would NEVER had gotten in the house)

That's it for now folks - sorry for the lack of closure for those of you out there who have been feeling... ahem... left out.
so today a new leaf... um or blog post - whatever.