Tuesday, October 31, 2006

daily bread

stuff is happening to the house, but it's been also happening to us (read: work) so sorry for the lack of updates!

let's see...

they completed our electrical, cable, etc.
insulation is in.

i have heard that the framing is correct inside and they are grading out our driveway.

i spoke with John yesterday - says shouldn't be a problem to close by the end of the year...

i so want to believe...

photos to come so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

cover (version)

awnings rule!



*funny - the bin is empty

*SMALL PRINT: These disgustingly horrible photos (from herein known as "photos") were taken with a crappy camera phone. The quality of these "photos" in no way affects the picture-taker's sensibilities with photography, nor her talent. Viewing these "photos" will be considered a consent to these terms, and the photographer will take no responsibility for the viewer's subsequent reactions to the "photos".

Thursday, October 19, 2006

a piece of light (yek teke nour)

we went out this evening and voila! workmen - looks like they are finishing up the painting, and adding the hardi to our column and the welding guys were there installing our front stair rails.
very nice.

ok people - let's just get to the nitty gritty.
i gots photos - a lot of 'em so i'm not going to waste any more time with all this typing and stuff so... here we go!

i have more,
i know it can't be!
but my interwebs connection was being super slow, so i'll post the rest later.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


just wanted to let everyone know that last night i stashed a proper camera in my glovebox.
no more not so fabulous camera phone pictures!

of course... i forgot to stash the cord...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the mighty navajo

ok! so they have started painting the navajo white on the stucco!
again, i took these with my not so fabulous phone camera so...

it's funny - but the navajo white looks like the same color as the unpainted hardiboard... whatever - at least it's not the same yellow as the neighbors anymore.
(not that i don't like the yellow - i do, a lot, but i want to be able to distinguish my house in some way...) and speaking of neighbors, i spoke with julie and she confirmed that the rick black house next door is using the same yellow - all the rick blacks are.
so... good for us.
here's a few photos in the shade...

Friday, October 13, 2006

i got your number


ok - now these were taken from both mine and zack's phone today at lunch... i apologize for the poor quality - but hey - better then nothing right?

zack's thinking "do i like the gray? ..."

next time i'll set the phone picture quality to "high" BEFORE i take the pictures...

notice how we have the same yellow as our neighbors? well not for much longer! especially since their soffit color is almost the same color as our original hardi, and their hardi color was our original soffit... sounds like a case of she wore stripes and polka dots and he wore polka dots and stripes.

this is really the best image of the gray color on the hardi..

more, better, pictures soon... stay tuned!

tiny bubbles

i must have this lamp.

zack had a wonderful idea...

we are going to put it in our downstairs "media" area. (this is the area that others will call "that-area-you-walk-through-when-you-come-in-through-the-carport".
anyway, it will be perfect there.
that man of mine has some serious good taste.

and - have i told you about my favorite clock?

it's on sale right now...
but only until monday - so someone out there better get on it! i'll be needing it for my dining room...

home life

i'm going out today at lunch.
of course i don't have the camera, but i promise that if the stucco has been painted, or is in the process of being painted, i will use my fancy camera phone to document the progress!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

blue skys (smiling at me)

they painted our house the new colors!
we are so excited -
they look great!
way better with the red roof then the yellow.

pictures to come!

later... ok we took pictures... unfortunately since we packed all our "incidentals" in pods, i can't find the camera dock! i am sure it's somewhere (and not packed) and i will look for it tonight.

anyhow, they havn't painted the stucco just yet, we are hoping for that on friday. but the hardi and the soffit look fabulous!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

paint a rumor

so... long time no see!
well - not much has been happening,
at least, not alot to take pictures of.

we have a new closing date
december 6
we have electrical and cable.
we have all our windows.
we have FINALLY figured out paint colors.

this is our stucco

this is our hardi

this is our accent color (soffit/railings)

and here is a quick rendering of what we think it will look like...

(don't look to closely - i did it at work so it's sub-par...)

we are much happier with the grays as it seems the
previous colors we had choosen were very popular
with our neighbors.

lot's o'yella!

anyway, notice the darker color for the storage unit?
that is what we are going to do once we move in.