Friday, April 13, 2007

between here and gone

whew - i knew it had been a while - but i didn't realize it had been over a month!
so -
how are ya?

just kidding -

lots of stuff going down at agave -
we got concrete retaining walls
we got water
we got final trim out
we got dishwasher/microwave (stove to come)

i got zillions of pictures.

now if i can just get them uploaded...

we have no idea of a new closing date. the one in the side bar is actually our last "official" closing date. it's fun to watch the time pass no?
it's not like we can actually depend on a date anymore. we are just going to go with the flow i guess. our refrigerator and washer/dryer are being delivered, closed or not, on april 26, so that should be fun.

in mergers and aquisitions...

we bought our patio furniture (yes - it's IKEA)

our coffee table has been delivered and is currently residing in a gi-normous wooden pallet-box-thing in our livingroom.

we are still deciding on dining chairs and barstools, though we think we have a final idea -

this means we are only short TWO items:
a dresser for the master bedroom (who thought this would be so difficult?)
a bbq pit for the grill-master-Z

so close people...

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