Monday, May 07, 2007

halfway home (aka halfway camping)

ok - so we're still moving (or at least the house is... WE'RE not actually moving yet...)
and i'm still too busy to post photos.
and well...
to be honest
my heart just isn't in it right now.

it's almost as if i have been planning this house for so long that it's taken over ...
it's always -
what's new with the house?
what's bad with the house?
what's good with the house?
when's the house going to close?
why's it taking so long?

you know the last one is always the most painful to answer...

our apartment is so stuffed full of crap (not REALLY crap - but boxes of stuff for the house) that we have approximatley 110 square feet of living space - that we share with a 70lb dog and a crazy pukey cat.
it's starting to wear on this newlywed i tell ya.

since i'm posting from work - here is a picture of a job i would not like to have.

deodorant tester.